Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More Magic Please

I've been thinking about Harry Potter quite a bit the last two days since I finished the seventh book. Don't worry, there won't be any spoilers in this post but there are a few things I wanted to throw my thoughts on out there for you to read.

I'm fairly convinced this won't be the last Harry Potter world book we will see. Rowling is a brilliant marketer (or has one on retainer) and I doubt she will be content to stop writing about this world of magic. Stories that I can see her writing about are:

Other generations (Harry's parents, etc) at Hogwarts.
Dumbledore's experiences at and after Hogwarts.

Are there any Harry Potter fans out there that wouldn't love to see Riddle turn bad? How about Dumbledore finding the 10 uses for dragon blood?

So many stories yet to be told. Here is hoping Rowling gives me what I'm hoping for in a few years.


Julesruth said...

She could write a whole book about the Weasley family alone.

GreenGal said...
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Anonymous said...

I want a book about the Weasleys! They are THE dysfunctional family of the magical realm, and I identify with that. =)

Julesruth said...

The scary part is that I don't think their that dysfunctional. What does that say about my family and up-bringing?