Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Real Job

I've mentioned many time lately that I have started a new job. After almost two weeks I'm thinking I may have lucked into a very good situation. The days are flying and I've learned (or remembered) many things so far.

This isn't just a job either. I don't just show up and get paid. I'm working on a team to make our products better. Even after a few weeks I'm starting to feel like part of the team.

Today we had our Q1 meetings over breakfast and then went to my supervisors' house for the afternoon. Free food and beer is a good way to get on my side.

My supervisor announced that as a reward for the group getting a project done, on August 6th the company is renting a bus and taking us all to a Cardinals game. They have rented a party suite since there are like 41 people going. The game is a late game so we are leaving at noon on Monday and don't have to work but part of Tuesday. Before the game we can go up in the arch and visit the museum too.

Needless to say I'm excited. I haven't gotten to go to a Cards game in the new stadium yet.

See you at the ballpark!


GreenGeek said...

Congrats on the awesome job. Must be nice to not work for a fat, bureaucratic corporation.

Anonymous said...

That sounds awesome! You know - for a Cardinals fan. =)

Unknown said...

Well I guess I should be insulted but I'm really very happy for you! Hope it all continues to go well and you get your family with you soon. Take care!