Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My name is Julie and I'm an addict

I have a new obsession and I am not proud of it. It is a Dyson vacuum.

I have heard for years how good they are but they were too expensive for me to even think about it. Well, Scout has been shedding so much that it is disgusting and I had had enough. So when they went on sale, I broke down and bought one.

Oh, my goodness, they are wonderful! I catch myself sweeping the house everyday just because I love how clean it is.

I wonder if there is a 12 step program for this.....

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have one too - though I can't say I'm looking for reasons to use it. =) I am always horrified by how often I have to stop and empty all the dog hair out of the canister. It really picks up! We got ours by using a Bed, Bath & Beyond 20% off coupon, which made it a lot more manageable, price-wise. They ain't cheap!