Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kids and their Pets

In case you haven't noticed, J is slow on posting updates, so I have taken over for a few days.

I put the kids down for bed last night at their normal time and at 3:30 Samantha woke up at her usual time for a bottle. So when I go in there, I notice that she is not laying how I put her. She had scooted 1/2 way across her crib and her head was pushing against the crib, which upset her. I kinda thought that was weird, but thought that maybe J had moved her at some time. I decided not to worry about it and sit down in the rocker to feed her.

I ALWAYS close her door to feed her because the rocking chair squeeks but last night for some reason I didn't. case you don't know, we have a dog named Scout that is an 80+ pound lab mix that absolutely loves the kids. He pushed the door open, patrolled the room and laid down on my feet to sleep. So I get up, while still feeding Samantha, and kick him out of the room. AGAIN, I didn't get the door latched and he came back, patrolled the room and fell asleep on my feet. But he did leave when the bottle was empty without any fighting, so that was good. I've also noticed the last few days that whenever Taylor goes down for his nap, Scout sleeps in the hallway right outside his door. I'm not sure if Scout is growing up or if he just realizes that the kids are 'his' and feels the need to guard them.

Pets and kids, they have an amazing relationship.

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