Friday, May 11, 2007

First and Ten

I love the NFL. Football is a ... I guess it is a passion. I spent most of the NFL Draft weekend watching the actual draft. Julie was kind enough to not complain more than once on Sunday.

What is it about football and the NFL that gets me so excited? Here are a few of the things that immediatly come to mind:

  • Football is a true team sport.

  • The hits.

  • The big plays.

  • Being a fan.

I realize that a few of those may seem like they could apply to any sport, and they could. However, out of the big three sports (NFL, NBA, MLB) the NFL is the only sport that is truly a team sport on every down. Without every player doing their job correctly it is almost impossible to win.

I am already counting down the time until my fantasy football drafts and preseason. From there it will only be a few weeks until the real football starts. You will find me on the couch, jumping in the air, and yelling (or cheering) at the TV.

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