Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mr. G

I've realized that I'm prejudiced. Very in fact.
It isn't as bad as it originally sounds, but I don't use any search engine but Google.

Joe (or Joseph for those of you who haven't known him since college), has already made a post about google but I felt the need to mention a few other tools I've stumbled across while doing my SEO research for work.

First up, Joe showed me Google Notebook. I can't explain how great this tool can be. I've been using it for only a day or so but love the fact that when something occurs to me I can just note it and that note will be on any PC that I sign into Google on. For instance, while writing this post it occurred to me when I linked to WikiPedia that I could make a whole blog entry on it sometime. Then, I made a typo on a word and Firefox let me know by underlining the word in red. I'm not sure if IE offers something like that or not but a note about doing a Firefox vs IE is now in my notebook.

Next, I must mention Google Reader. I'm sure some of you aren't familiar with RSS feeds but it is something that is easy to setup and of great use. I figure it actually saves me time doing research for work. They have a nice tour that explains some of the great features of Reader but I'll sum it up as best as I can. Do you have a website that you check every day? Chances are that the site has some sort of feed if it is professionally done. The feed allows you to only check Google Reader instead of each site. This may not sound like that great of a benefit until you add in all the sites that you might check over a day or even a week. I currently have 20 feeds that I'm subscribed to in Google Reader. Some of those are blogs, some are gaming sites and others are sites like Digg that let me see up to date news on different subjects from one location.

One last thing that I just found via the Lifehacker feed is Google's new Beta Shortcuts. By adding "&esrch=BetaShortcuts" to the end of any google search results, you can use the keyboard shortcuts to navigate. I'm a keyboard kind of person so to me this is huge. I'll be playing with this throughout the day I'm sure. I also found a few other experimental Google search versions.

I'm sorry Mr. Y and Mr. M, but Mr. G is my guy. Maybe it is because my name googles well thanks to this blog.

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