Thursday, May 24, 2007

First Loser

I've been using Google Analytics to keep track of the amount and type of traffic my blog has been getting. Joe and I have set each other up with account on our analytics accounts so that we can see each others traffic info.

I'm the first loser. Joe is getting more traffic, more comments and more page views per visitor. Not that it is a competition but when I was looking over the yesterday's stats this morning, I couldn't help but feel like I was losing. What would make me feel like that I'm wondering? I don't really consider myself an overly competitive person. Sure, if we had made a wager or had decided to see who could get more traffic I would understand but nothing of that sort was done.

Either I'm more competitive about silly little things like this or ... I'm not sure what the or would be.

My challenge to you is this: leave a comment on this post about when you have found yourself feeling competitive about something that surprised you.

Also as a reminder, I need your comments and feedback! Let me know what you like about the blog. Is the design okay? Do you like the color scheme? Do you use any of the widgets on the sidebar to the right? Let me know.


Joseph Cerra said...

There are a couple reasons I can think of for the traffic difference.

1 Shameless Self Promotion - I tell lots of people about my blog. If someone at work says they're bored, or the day is dragging, I tell them they should read my blog. Encouraging goofing off at work, and driving traffic.

2 Content - I spend about 2 to 3 hours a night working on my posts. I also do not have a wife, or a toddler.

The competition thing I think is pretty natural, anytime we want to judge our performance, we have to compare ourselves to someone else. Which is why I think it's pretty dumb that some schools have started discouraging competition. Giving everyone a trophy, or not keeping score may give kids confidence, but a false sense of confidence could be a bad thing.

GreenGeek said...

Ding! You've got web traffic.

For people with blogger accounts, I generally read your posts via my RSS feed so I rarely see anything other than the text of the post and any images you may add. I am kind of a RSS snob that way. I don't read one of my friends blogs (Heather and Shane) because they don't have RSS activated on their blogger, but I try to hit whenever I can remember

By doing this, I do miss out on comments.

The irony? Tricia and my's website does not have an RSS Feed. :) I'm just too lazy to figure out how to code it.

JJM said...

I can understand the whole RSS thing, most of the blogs I want to read I've just subscribed to instead of bookmarking.

I need to get your web addy sometime and visit it.

GreenGeek said...

Ding! I've got web traffic.