Saturday, June 2, 2007

Time for Rest

Today has felt like the first full day of summer. We worked on clearing out a ton of stuff around the house that has needed done since we moved in. We also have painted the hallway and one bathroom, which has also needed done since we moved in. I keep thinking the weekends will be for rest but that doesn't happen any more.

Maybe it isn't as hot as summer but the amount of work and the feel in the air is of summer. Hot days, cool water and lots of BBQ.

What are your favorite memories of summer?


Unknown said...

so what color is the yellow bathroom now?

JJM said...

A dark brown. We also painted the peach bathroom downstairs, it is now the color of the kitchen.

Joseph Cerra said...

I tried thinking of what "symbolizes" summer to me, and all I came up with was sitting on the grass, and tennis. Which is kind of sad, since I haven't done either of those things in at least two years. Sitting on the grass is also kind of lame, but that was what I kept picturing, apparently the summer makes me want to sit down.