Friday, June 8, 2007

Why All the i's?

Okay folks. It is 2007. Can we stop with all the products beginning with a lower case i?

iPod - evil.
igoogle - nice but not necessary.
iProspect - Never heard of it. Saw a link to it from Searchengineland.
iPhone - Overhyped, too expensive for me. Like all Mac products.
iProducts - Are you serious?

Any product that feels they need to throw a fancy 'i' in front of their product isn't going to get my business unless I have no alternative. I'd take a free iPod or iPhone though.

As a marketing ploy, all these companies really need to think about being original instead of just creating an 'i' product. It can't be that hard. With all these type of products or sites around, it screams "I fit in! I'm hip! I'm cool!". Usually the people that are doing that kind of promotion are the Farmer Ted's of the world.


GreenGeek said...

iPod = Evil? Then why would you take a free one :) Microsoft = Evil :). I have heard of Apple going after some companies who have used the "i" moniker a little to much so as it may confuse consumers. Now that's evil...



Joseph Cerra said...

i = evil

oh, wait...

JJM said...


I knew those i's were evil!


Jason said...

So they're evil for using a self-serving business plan that limits consumer choice (in this case by forcing the conusumer to buy an iPod to listen to iTunes purchased music)? Or are they evil because they dominate the mobile music industry? Or is it because they're trendy and that annoys you?

If it's either of the first two, you might want to take a look at a certain other "evil empire" in the tech world that you're pretty fond of.

If it's the third, I're not as cool as some of us iFolks, and you're bitter about it.


iprospector said...

I appreciate your sentiments about companies whose names begin with a lower case "i" -- but it should be noted that in the case of iProspect (the Original Search Engine Marketing Firm) that you referenced, we've been around since 1996. So our naming convention is not a recent event to be "cool" or "hip" -- but something that was pretty unique at the time. In fact, we were doing search engine marketing before Google even existed. Just wanted to keep the record straight that we're not a new company playing copycat to so many others who are trying to sound trendy.

JJM said...

@jason - iPods are evil because they are fashionable. I don't hate Macs, I just can't do everything I want on one. That could be a whole other blog post.

@iprospector - Ah I may stand corrected in your case but my point still stands that without knowing that your name and company has been around for years before the whole 'i' thing was cool and popular, it looks to me like ALL companies that use it added it just to fit in. You can thank all the late comers to that naming convention for that.

GreenGeek said...

How can you not do everything you want on a Mac? Mac runs Mac OS X... Mac runs Linux... Mac runs Windows... all natively and legally. What more do you want. VMS, VAX, OS 390, zOS, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, TI 99/4A (learned to program on one)? :)

When talking a new PC versus Mac, apparently some of the cost argument doesn't necessarily apply.

Sorry... I'm just being difficult.. almost flamebait-ish. I just got to support my evil empire. I do look forward to your PC versus Mac blog post. I'll try to be civil.

I'm of the same position though. I don't hate PCs. In fact, I recommend them to people. Since I'm not familiar with Vista, they can't bug me to help them fix problems... :)

Jason said...

A great article Scottie, but I'm not sure we want that getting out. If everyone realizes that Macs are priced reasonably, more people will start buying them. I will then have fewer opportunities to be smug and condescending about my OBVIOUSLY superior computer.

Though on a side note, it would be nice if my laptop ran zOS.